About Us


From the experience of manufacture and import-export companies in the past thirty years, we know the how critical the supply chain management is for a successful business. That is why we provide this professional, integrated platform solution to our valued customers. Form the factory to end user destination, efastgo is your first solid step on your expanding business in this unpredictable economy.

If you are looking for the most flexible, cost-efficient and highest quality service of supply chain management and company establishment, look no further than efastgo. Our extensive service give you worry free in your daily business operation. You can save your time and invest your time to keep one step ahead of your competitors.
Furthermore, our knowledgeable experience and huge facility capacity can coach you not only sales/marketing consulting but also physical warehousing service. Our online inventory reports and tracking system provide you on-time information of your sales and inventory. Please talk to our experienced stuff for more detail. We are glad to serve you.   

Our Service Lists

  • Logistic
  • Warehouse & Shipment
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Register Company
  • L1 Work Visa
  • Green Card
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